The Company

collageDue West Land finds special pieces of land and water, and then plans and builds exceptional communities. The end result often actually enriches the lives of people who live there. These properties are very special and as such are most often passed down from one generation to the next.

Each development Due West Land has created is inspired by local character, regional architecture and an authentic western way of life. The communities boast an abundance of open space, natural water resources and in every instance have continued and even enhanced the wildlife carrying capacity and agricultural production on the land.

With a genuine concern for the environment, Due West Land has focused its energies on preserving the western way of life through the design of sustainable communities. Not only has Due West Land found ways of preserving and living with the natural environment, it has encouraged its staff and team members to be active members in Regional Green Teams in order to ensure the company is constantly learning and doing its part to preserve the environment.



photo_stormGateDue West Land is dedicated to developing communities which preserve open space and protect the land’s natural resources. With attention to detail and focus on energy efficiency and sustainability, Due West Land helps preserve the authentic American West.

Marabou in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, is the most recent community Due West Land has envisioned and constructed. We selected the design team, supervised all construction of infrastructure and amenities, and put together a cutting edge marketing and sales plan. Marabou is proving to be very successful, and has won numerous awards. Marabou was financed and constructed by Elk River Partners, LLC. Jeff was managing partner of Elk River Partners for three years.



Core Values

Passion for the Land – We appreciate that rural land can produce food therefore we support and celebrate the continued agricultural production on the land we are a part of.

Customers – We cherish the opportunity to have an ongoing relationship with customers and strive to delight them. Satisfying our customers is the first step in our success.

Education – We believe in lifelong learning. We strive to educate our team about agricultural production, sustainability, technology and improved business practices.

Team Approach – We continually improve and innovate through the intelligence and collective creativity of our people and associates. We strive to be open to new ideas, give all team members a voice and get better every day.

Innovation – We constantly innovate and try new things in an effort to raise the bar.

Environment – Man has not been kind to the environment. We are in a unique position to treat the land with the respect it deserves. We strive to set a positive example for others to follow. We promote energy efficiency, recycling, reuse and sustainability. We strive to increase the wildlife carrying capacity on our ranch preservation communities.

Community – We are active participants in our local community. We support the Steamboat Springs Winter Sports Club, the Community Agricultural Alliance and the Yampa Valley Land Trust – among other non profits.

Integrity – We treat our customers, our people and our partners with respect, fairness and integrity – and expect the same in return.



Jeff Temple – Chief Executive Office (CEO)
[email protected]

Fourth generation Steamboat Springs local, Jeff Temple was a co-founder of Spyder Skiwear in 1977. In 1994, he hand-selected the development team that created Water Dance, an award winning, 33 acre neighborhood of 93 residences on Lake Dillon, CO.

In 1998 Jeff and his brother Jamie founded Storm Mountain Development, Ltd. Together they created the exclusive 1,063 acre ranch preservation community, Storm Mountain Ranch in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Storm Mountain Ranch received the “Smart Growth and Development” Award from Governor Romer.

Jeff partnered with Russ and Jeannie Maytag and founded Maytag Mountain Ranch in Hillside, Colorado, in 2003. Twenty-seven homesteads nestle on 2,953 acres. Maytag Mountain Ranch has won numerous awards.

Due West Land’s latest shared ranch community project is Marabou in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Marabou is one of the most successful and well designed ranch preservation communities anywhere. Marabou was owned and financed by Elk River Partners, LLC. Jeff served as Managing Partner for three years.